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crafters wanted
Nov 2, 07 7:42 AM
flame-of-the-west Has a New Address!
Oct 18, 07 2:13 PM
Oct 18, 07 2:04 PM

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Welcome to your our new website!

Thank you for looking at our homepage We're hope you'll enjoy what you see here. we are seeking friendly team orientated players who may or may not be into the crafting aspects of the game.  Currently seeking  a couple of minstrells any level and a few heavy armour people to compliment current group.
Immediate aims are to aquire a kin house somewhere we can store items for use by members and to display any nice trophys gained in quests.

Also we would loike to see more kin fellowships raids talking place again its been too long since we had a good ful fellowship members are welcome to have any alt characters in kin with no pressure to play them except perhaps to log them in on occasion.
Happy Gaming remember its supposed to be fun for all. Rowanor


crafters wanted

539113281_Inactive, Nov 2, 07 7:42 AM.
we want those who have the highest craft stats to become main crafters for their respective crafts initially, then get others up the craft ladder on a rota basis.  Could we please try and get the best up to grandmaster first as those tend to be people with the best chance of aquiring the materiels for high end craft goods.

flame-of-the-west Has a New Address!

System, Oct 18, 07 2:13 PM.
Can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!


539113281_Inactive, Oct 18, 07 2:04 PM.
heavy armour items should be applied for by mail to thistlebryt....
light/medium items should be applied for by mail to arclarielor lawrond
weapons. potions etc send a mail to rowanor
woodworker items to nisa
who are the best coooks farmers let me know row 

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